My Angel

My Angel

FyndHealth: We believe that every child is special and so are their needs

Our Objective

  • Empowering parents and children is our objective
  • We hand hold children and parents in this unique journey starting from the first step of diagnosis.

This journey is strengthened by our resources, research driven tools and programs comprising of

  • Online
  • Our Centers
  • Home Based
  • Integrated Hybrid
  • Inclusive School Based

Problems we are trying to solve

  • Challenges in Early Diagnosis & Early Intervention
  • Access to the right Scientific Detailed Assessments
  • Connecting with “Right Specialists
  • Parent's Struggle with Multiple Touch Points
  • Innumerable Visits
  • Logistical Hassles
  • Striving through Opinions
  • Access to Trained Professionals
  • Lack of Parental Training & Involvement

Our Services & Solutions

  • Assessments and Screening for identifying underlying causes and developmental delays
  • Providing "Speech Language Pathology" for treating speech disorders and delays
  • Behavioural therapists for modifying behaviour in conditions such as ADHD
  • Connecting with occupational therapists
  • Provide Mental and Psychological Support with the help Child Psychologist
  • Consultations from developmental paediatricians, neurologists, ENT Specialists etc
  • Customised "Therapeutic Interventions" depending on the child's developmental gaps and needs
  • Early Diagnosis and Intervention (For formative years, 2 to 5 years old children)

Our Approach and Processes

  • Research-Centric Approach
  • Customised Therapies
  • Assessment : Our customised therapies are based on detailed assessment of our angel's challenges towards achieving developmental milestones
  • Early Intervention : We focus on early diagnosis and early intervention for best results for our Angels
  • Empowering Parents : We focus on empowering parents through training, resources and mentorship.
  • Community Support : We render peer support through our close knit community of parents to discuss, learn and support each other towards a common goal to empowering our Angels with the best possible.

Frequent Challenges Encountered by Parents

  1. Difficulty in understanding if the child is special need's or not - As a solution, Fynd Health offers a curated platform where parents can :
    • Find specialist who can check and diagnose if the child is in that spectrum or not
    • Recommend stage-wise tests that may help in proper diagnosis at an early stage
    • Provide specialists in order of age and importance at Fynd Health platform without the parents going through logistical hassles
    • Community Support with a forum of peers to express, discuss and support each other
  2. When a child is confirmed with the diagnosis, Fynd Health renders remedies for the same in a logical sequential format :

    >We connect the parents with our specialists and therapists

    Our Therapists :-

    • Speech
    • Psychology
    • Behavioural
    • Occupational
    • Physiotherapist

    Our Specialists :

    • ENT
    • Paediatrics
    • Neurology

    > Holistic Approach includes games and music

    > Our specialists work as a team and formulate the best possible therapies

    > These therapies are conducted in a synchronised manner

    > Our process focuses on empowering and involving parents for better learning curve for Angels

  3. Help locate schools and smaller setups where our angels can learn to be integrated into the society
  4. Help sustain and support group meetings