Our Story

Rays of Hope & Belief can Brighten our World !

"Based on our personal experiences with friends and family, we realised that there has always been a subset of the population who have been dependent on family members / caretakers who in turn are dependent on a varied group of healthcare specialists to help them fit into the normal society."

Also due to physical and mental limitations, there are constant logistical challenges to connect the two at regular intervals to get treatment and therapy. This hampers implementation of treatment and therapy affecting the patient's progress and outcomes.

"Fynd Health has been incepted with the dream and vision of improving and empowering lives of children impacted by neurodevelopmental disorders, individuals seeking mental wellness and people grappling with overall well-being."

With the current technological advancements and acceptance, we believe that our Hybrid Integrated Platform will improve the quality of life for both patients and care takers in the long run.

Who We Are ?

Fynd Health is a One Stop Solution for Healthcare, Holistic Development in Children & Mental Wellness for All.

We as passionate professionals help our "Angels" to attain to their fullest potential. We are a research centric holistic care provider for children and for all parenting needs.

We work with a multidisciplinary approach for both Preventive & Intervention requisites for every child's developmental journey starting from early childhood till Adolescence.

We also provide Mental Wellness both for Individuals and Corporates. Our Mental Wellness Programs are custom tailored to meet the concerns & needs of Children, Adolescents & Adults.

Our Mission & Vision

Fynd Health is an integrated hybrid platform for
Healthcare, Therapy, Peer Support & Query Management with Progress Monitoring

We are a bunch of compassionate professionals with a common objective of driving seamless experience in providing you personalized healthcare services by leveraging technology.

Our team comprises Doctors, Specialists, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists - available 24 / 7 at the convenience of a click.

In the current Indian healthcare segment, there is a huge gap in managing innumerable queries across age groups. We intend to bridge this gap through our technology enabled platform. Not only this, our discussion forums will connect people struggling with similar healthcare problems to discuss, share and support each other.

Our Integrated hybrid platform will seamlessly connect "You" with the "Healthcare Professionals", the Doctors, Specialists, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists for "Special Needs Children, Mental Wellness and Old Age Care" along with progress monitoring.