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  1. What Are The Unique Challenges That Special Needs Children Face Making Potty Training A Difficult Task For Parents?

    Research shows that the children who are not potty trained by the age of 5 tend to start loosing bladder control making this training a crucial part of child's development and training.
    Following 4 are primarily attributed for this challenge :

    • Sensory Sensitivities
    • Communication Challenges
    • Lack of Self Confidence
    • Short Attention Span

  2. What Is Early Intervention, How It's Crucial And What Role It Plays In Child's Development?

    These are specially designed developmental programs for infants and toddlers between the age of 0 to 3 years who are at risk of developmental delays or disabilities. The developmental delays can be in multiple areas like cognitive, physical, communication, speech, social, emotional and many more. Therefore it's crucial that we understand these deviations and delays at the earliest and seek help.

    The emphasis is on "EARLY" as this period is the most critical from a child's development perspective. Research has also proven that the rate of development and learning is the highest at this stage. Early development plays the foundation for future development and future growth.

    In early intervention, children undergo a customized plan which has multifold advantages :

    • Helps in early detection
    • Enhances child's development
    • Accelerates the pace of development
    • Helps the child learn new skills and behaviour
    • Most importantly, early intervention enables these children to function independently in the society
    • Even Parents go through the training as part of early intervention to manage all the above aspects and create reinforcements at home

  3. How To Get Special Needs Children With Autism, ADHD Etc Potty Trained?

    Following are the 3 unique and proven strategies in this direction which have worked for 8 out of 10 children with Autism:

    • Visual Board - A picture is worth a thousand words - train and equip the child with step by step visuals
    • Task Management - Guide the child by giving exact steps to ensure that the child is not confused
    • Positive Reinforcements - Reward your child creating a sense of accomplishment and motivation

  4. Can ADHD Be Cured ? What Are The Treatment Options?

    ADHD can't be cured, but it can be managed through therapies. Some of the ways to handle ADHD include psychotherapy, behavioral intervention, training parents to help children stay focused and organized. Even at school level, there are accommodations that can be made. Professional help and therapies will play a pivotal role in evolving the child to fullest potential.

  5. What Are The Steps And Tips For Potty Training Special Needs Children ?

    Potty training is one of the most difficult tasks especially for parents with special needs children.
    Following are some of steps and tips that can help in the same :-

    • Due Diligence
      • Parents should do their homework before commencing this training.
      • For a week, observe the child's loo and potty timings.
      • Prepare a chart for the same.
      • This will help you to guide the children to the restroom before it's time for it
    • Focus on Patterns
      • We will focus on the patterns that parents should observe before they start potty training
      • Observe expressions that the child is using to indicate the need for relieving e.g if it's loo time, they might hold their pants or jump around. When it's potty time, they might make faces or produce sounds
      • Observe it for a week
    • Building Interest in a fun play way
      • Start with their visit to the washroom
      • Start with teaching them to wash hands
      • For washing hands, use liquid soap as the pump and foam excites them making it a fun way of learning
    • Visual Board
      • Use visual cards to help the child learn the steps
      • Ask your child to arrange these in the correct order
      • This will help them to remember it
      • Place the cards next to the potty seat in the correct order
    • Mock Drill
      • You can also create a mock drill.
      • After arranging the cards in the right order, let them enact each step.
      • This way they will register the process better
    • Usage of Single Word
      • Do not use too many different words like toilet, potty, restroom, relieving etc
      • Stick to one word for loo and potty to create recognition and association in child's mind
    • Consistency
      • Maintain consistency ins schedule
      • Set alarms for the same as per your child's schedule and timings
    • Patience is the key
      • Don't lose patience
      • Give the child adequate time as per his or her learning pace
    • Positive Reinforcements
      • Reward your child creating a sense of accomplishment and motivation
    • Overall
      • Keep the child hydrated
      • Avoid pants with buttons and Zips
      • Use pants with elastics for easy pull down and pull up
      • Give them fruits and vegetables rich in fibre
      • Give it some time, don't get impatient
      • In case, it's taking time, give a break for a few days and re-start.

  6. What Is ADHD?

    ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, one of the most common disorders in childhood.It is a neurodevelopmental disorder as it affects the brain development. Some of the symptoms include poor organization skills, lack of attention to detail, inability to focus, carelessness, impulsive behaviors and hyper activeness.

  7. Is ADHD A Form Of Autism?

    ADHD isn't on the autism spectrum but there are some common symptoms. Also having one of these conditions increases the chance of having the other.

  8. How Is ADHD Tested Or Detected ?

    There is no single simple test to figure out ADHD but the specialist can make an accurate diagnosis after a detailed assessment.

  9. Can ADHD Be Mistaken For Aspergers?

    Many symptoms of autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger's Syndrome are similar to those of ADHD. As symptoms of Asperger's can be difficult to detect or subtle, the condition often goes undiagnosed or is misdiagnosed as another disorder, such as ADHD.

  10. What Are The Strengths Of People With ADHD Or What Are They Good At?

    The strengths lie in being creative and inventive. Early detection with a proper management can help in building a creative perspective in ADHD children. With therapies and right resources, parents can encourage ADHD Children to approach tasks and scenarios with thoughtfulness and creativity. As a result, children can evolve in creative and artistic fields.

  11. Can Adults Develop ADHD ?

    Technically ADHD doesn't develop in adulthood. It is one of the most common disorders in childhood. It's signs are evident before the age of 12 as the impairment is present from childhood. In A nutshell, no adult will suddenly develop it.