How Is ADHD And Autism Different?

ADHD or Autism? Let's understand how ADHD and Autism are different, their diagnosis and treatment

ADHD, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Autism though share many of the same symptoms but are two distinct conditions.

Autism Spectrum Disorders are a series of related developmental disorders that can impact communication skills, social skills, behaviour and one's ability to learn. While ADHD affects the way the brain grows and develops. A child can have both the conditions. The common symptoms between the two conditions can be problems in focusing, impulsive behaviour, difficulty in communication, issues with school work, trouble with relationships.

Early diagnosis and early intervention helps children to get the right treatment at the right time without missing out on crucial development and learning. If treated early in childhood, people with such conditions can lead happy and successful lives.

How is ADHD and Autism Different?

With a close observation, one can figure it out. As a parent, one can understand ''how the child pays attention''. Children with ADHD avoid and don't like aspects where they have to concentrate. While kids with autism struggle to focus on activities and things that they dislike such as solving a puzzle or reading a book. And they may stick to things or toys that they like.

One should also analyse how the child is communicating. In both conditions, children struggle to socialise or interact with others. However, kids with autism have less social awareness. They mostly grapple to express their feelings and thoughts in words. They may not be able point to an object to associate and to give meaning to their conversation. They struggle for an eye contact.

On the other hand, a child with ADHD, can make long conversations. These children may talk non-stop. They are also capable of interrupting and dominating an interaction. Some children with ADHD, can talk for hours on their favourite topic and area of interest.

Children with Autism are fond of repetition, order and routine. They may want the same type of food, same toy, same restaurant. They may also become extremely attached to thing which can be a toy, a dress etc. They tend to get upset if their routine is changed.

While ADHD Children don't like order and monotony. They don't like repeating or doing the same thing again and gain for a long duration.

If as a parent you observe signs and symptoms in your child, try to address it at the earliest by meeting a specialist. The child can have either or both. An early diagnosis and an early intervention always helps to attain the best possible results.

For Autism Diagnosis, normally tools like questionnaires, surveys and checklists are used. However the starting point a detailed discussion with parents where in parents answer the questionnaire about the child and their observations in detail.

For ADHD Diagnosis, specialists / doctors observe behaviour patterns over time like being forgetful, distracted, being fidgety. They will also capture feedback from parents, child care takers and teachers.

Each child is different and hence understanding and customisation accordingly is crucial. Different types of Therapies like behavioural, Speech, Sensory Integration and Occupational can help children to get along better and communicate effectively. And an early intervention always helps in yielding better outcomes.